The Pilgrim’s Progress Reloaded

By David Umstattd


The Pilgrim’s Progress is a classic story of redemption, allegory, and theological poignance that has profoundly impacted millions of readers over three centuries and changed the landscape of english literature forever.

It’s also a story with a total lack of robots, space marines, or talking platypuses. So we fixed that. 
You’re welcome.

David Umstattd

David is a writer, board game designer, and audiobook voice actor. He wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress Reloaded which you would have already figured out if you had read the top part of this webpage. But you probably just scrolled down to this bit as you were drawn by the terrifying picture of David, shocked by the ruthless rage emanating from his cold dead eyes. A clear image of the violent thirst for vengeance infesting David’s soul that will never be quenched until the world is free from the tyranny of monsters, evil doers, and soccer enthusiasts.